Sail into the New Year at the Town of Palm Beach Marina

December 22, 2022

’Tis the “Sea-Sun” to Reserve A Slip At The Town of Palm Beach Marina

As we wave farewell to 2022, ’tis the “sea-sun” to reflect, give thanks, celebrate with loved ones, and of course, reserve a slip at the Town of Palm Beach Marina!

December 8, 2022

The Palm Beach Marina Celebrates Its First Anniversary!

This month, we’re celebrating the first anniversary of our wildly successful $40 million dollar Palm Beach Marina renovation, which transformed the old Town Docks into a cutting-edge global-grade yachting center — now that’s what we call a successful facelift, or “boat-tox!” We are pleased to accommodate vessels from sixty feet to a super-yacht-sized 295 feet. This year the Marina has flourished, thanks to the community, our employees, and of course, our slip holders! Our first-year annual and seasonal leases exceeded all expectations.

December 7, 2022

Rising Tides: The Economic Impact of the Palm Beach Marina

Facing the headwinds of post-pandemic restrictions, global inflation, supply chain slowdowns, and other economic challenges, can a newly renovated public superyacht marina have a real-world impact on a municipality's bottom line? While it may not have been a “shore” thing, our upscale “small town” island of Palm Beach, has been counting on it.