March 22, 2023

March Into Spring With Our Premium Perks

Spring in The Sunshine State means blooming flowers, perfect balmy weather and festivals. With events across South Florida, such as the neighboring Palm Beach International Boat Show, you can dock at the renovated Town of Palm Beach Marina, and enjoy them all. Conveniently located near the airport, major railways and highways, our state-of-the-art Marina offers a vast selection of premium benefits to slip holders, including its locale, paradisiac views and amenities. Your stay will be unforgettable — it's all about the perks here!

And because we are “anchored” in the heart of Palm Beach, you will have easy access to all the best that the sophisticated island Town has to offer. And as Town Mayor Danielle Moore says, "One of the best reasons to dock at this world-class facility is the staff!" So why “knot” come on down and enjoy our Marina? Our staff prides themselves on upholding our 6 core values; excellence, reliability, heritage, security, innovation and white-glove service. Read more about the Marina in our exclusive interview with Mike Horn, Marina Manager, and Morgan Springer, Marina Administrative Assistant.

Q: How does our Marina staff foresee the needs of the yacht owners? 
A: Our staff has done plenty of training and they have all come from some sort of customer service background. We have staff that has come from other marinas, and they completely understand what the slip holders are looking for.

Q: Mike, who is your staff, and what kind of services are provided?
A: The Marina has four full-time staff members and the biggest thing that I can say about them is that they all care about what happens at the Marina on a day-to-day basis. We ensure the yacht owners are happy and that each member is prepared at the facility. They really go above and beyond to make sure it's the best experience every time someone comes through the door. 

Q: What are some of the requirements and qualifications to becoming a member of the Marina staff? 
A: We look to have people who truly care and don’t just see this as another job. We provide 
in-house training to ensure we all understand the equipment, the boats and emergency procedures. We also offer to send them out to classes that are certified by the association of marina industries. 

Q: How does this staff differentiate themselves from the staff at other marinas?
A: We pride ourselves on being trained properly and having meetings twice a week to recap what we’ve seen. We try not to be complacent. It's my job as the Marina Manager to point out our problems and help address them. I do this as a group so no one is singled out yet everyone is aware. When I talk with my staff, I let them know that “everything speaks” — from the way you dress to the way you hold yourself, and I think that speaks volumes to the yacht owners.

Q: What is an example of how the staff deals with the different types of customers?
A: Our customer base is very diverse. They all do well enough to own a yacht and pay dockage but I find it interesting how my staff and I are all very good at dealing with all the different personalities. We have some owners who are friendly and love to talk about experiences and then we have other owners who are strictly business.  With everyone, we see it as a community.  

For general inquiries about long-term dockage, storage and other services, visit For more information on the project or for slip lease information, contact Marina Manager Mike Horn at or by calling 561-838-5463.

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