August 24, 2022

“Yachts” of Fun in the Sun

’Tis the “sea-sun” for lots of fun. Florida’s quintessential hot and humid summer with tropical deluges of afternoon rain is just around the corner, and everyone here at the Town of Palm Beach Marina knows the best escape is… the ocean!  Relax on your yacht deck with the salty ocean breeze in your hair and a drink in hand, or dive into your “toy box” chock-full of the latest and greatest aquatic playthings to cool down on and in the water.

No sea-faring adventure is complete without a slew of cutting-edge water toys to make time spent onboard incredibly entertaining and unforgettable for all ages. Don’t be “oared out of your mind" – here are ten of the hottest yacht toys to enjoy this summer:


1. Jet Packs/Tandem Jetovator: Fly like a superhero above the water by yourself or with a partner. Be your own air and sea show on the go this season!

2. Electric Surfboards: Surf the seas and glide across the waves with these fun and unique jet boards. Everyone can experience the thrill of surfing the waves (or placid water if you prefer) with these nifty devices.

3. Quadski: Explore both the water and land with this ATV and jetski hybrid. These magical amphibious vehicles are straight out of a James Bond movie.

4. The Hammocraft: Take your relaxing island adventure to a whole new level and hang loose with this evolved version of a backyard hammock that attaches to paddleboards and kayaks.

5. Seabobs: Explore above and below the surface with this underwater electric scooter. Bobbing for sea cucumbers was never as much fun!

6. Paddleboards: Worry less, and paddle more. Be sure to check out the transparent option that gives you a direct view of the seabed, it’s like a 21st-century glass-bottom boat for one.

7. Inflatables: Experience an array of inflatables sure to fill your summer days with memorable moments — yacht slides, towables, climbing walls, yacht blobs, water trampolines, zorbs, sea pools, and floating islands. 

8. Submarines: Have a spellbinding underwater encounter with 2 to 6 people, and fully immerse yourselves in the marvelous marine world. Aston Martin has you covered with their version that dives as it drives. 

9. Shark Drone: Snag the best bite – we mean underwater footage – with a drone that looks and moves like a shark, a stealthy way to capture some great marine life. 

10. Mini Golf: Take a break from the water, practice your swing on deck, and be sure to check out the biodegradable golf balls with fish food hidden inside.

The vast selection of yacht toys available on the market today is ever growing and so much fun, and will surely keep any boater entertained this summer. As you enjoy your new water toys in Florida and beyond, consider making a quick stop at the recently renovated and upgraded Palm Beach Marina. You can now easily reserve dockage using the online service Dockwa via the Marina website. For slip reservations, visit

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