August 17, 2023

The Art of Yachting

The Town of Palm Beach, already a paradise for boating enthusiasts, increasingly attracts gallerists and art lovers to this dynamic destination. With works from Warhol, Matisse, Turrell, Picasso and more, some of the best galleries are outposts of New York spaces that give our oceanfront Town even more cachet. The island embraces and nurtures the arts in all its forms, from architectural gems to captivating cultural events, from prestigious art galleries to sculpture gardens. When docking at our Marina, dive into the fascinating realm of art in Palm Beach, where the colors of creativity blend seamlessly with the splendor of the sea.

Check out some of Palm Beach’s renowned art galleries and sculpture gardens to explore when berthing at the Town of Palm Beach Marina.

Artful Arches
The Town is dotted with magnificent estates that showcase classic and contemporary designs, including the iconic Worth Avenue, often referred to as the "Rodeo Drive of the East Coast". Worth Avenue is a luxury shopping destination, where visitors can admire Mediterranean Revival-style buildings and take in a wide range of artistic offerings.

Americana Tropical
Be transported to sun-kissed shores and vibrant coastal vistas at The Pollack Fine Art Gallery, a beacon of artistic mastery showcasing magnificent Florida and tropical paintings by Orville Bulman, Hermann Herzog, A. E. Backus, and Laura Woodward. An interesting anecdote – one of the owners starred in a soap opera with Christopher Reeve.

Art Fusion, Pop Profusion
If you're looking for a fusion of art and pop culture, explore the Taglialatella Galleries, featuring renowned artists like Banksy and Andy Warhol, as well as emerging talents. This gallery’s collection of contemporary and street art mesmerizes with its bold colors and playful imagery. Its walls are adorned with thought-provoking pieces that challenge societal norms and ignite conversations.

Boundless Horizons
Journey into contemporary art that challenges boundaries and pushes artistic limits at the Gavlak Gallery, representing both emerging and established artists. Known for its avant-garde exhibitions and thought-provoking installations, this gallery currently represents 24 national and international artists, as well as maintains a focus on women and LGBTQ artists.  

Breaking Boundaries
Step into a place where art knows no bounds. One of nine locations worldwide, Pace Gallery in the Royal Poinciana Plaza is a leading contemporary art gallery representing many of the most significant international artists and estates. Pace has developed a distinguished legacy as an artist-first gallery that mounts seminal historical and contemporary exhibitions. Don't miss "Parallel Lines," their new captivating exhibition exploring the evocative powers of pattern and geometry.

Cultural Oasis
Immerse yourself in the refined world of The Society of the Four Arts, an esteemed cultural institution. With its elegant gardens, exquisite sculpture exhibitions and a diverse program of literary, musical and visual arts events, the Society cultivates a charming atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of human creativity. Delight in the rich tapestry of cultural experiences offered, from thought-provoking lectures and captivating performances to captivating art exhibitions.

Eclectic Haven
Delve into the world of fine art at Contessa Gallery, where masterful works of renowned artists transport you to realms of beauty and elegance. This gallery showcases an eclectic mix of modern, post-war, and contemporary art, and boasts diverse styles and mediums.

Framing Wonders, Unveiling Stories
Immerse yourself in a captivating journey through the lens of renowned artists showcased at the Holden Luntz Gallery. Whether it's awe-inspiring landscapes, compelling portraits, or experimental compositions, the gallery offers photography aficionados a chance to dive deep into a world of silver gelatin black and white, dye destruction, and platinum-palladium prints, as well as contemporary sublimated photographs printed on aluminum.

It's A Family Affair
Renowned for its diverse curation, Wynn Fine Art, located in the Esplanade luxury retail center, is a sanctuary showcasing contemporary pieces by emerging talents and established artists. Founded and owned by mega collector Steve Wynn, the museum-quality collection showcases masters like Picasso, Matisse, Warhol, Basquiat, and others. Interesting note: the gallery is managed by Nick Hissom, Wynn's stepson and one of Palm Beach’s young Turks, who also founded AKTION ART, an entity representing emerging artists.

Keep It Monumental
For those who appreciate the tactile beauty of three-dimensional art, visit the Galleria of Sculpture. Step into a world where masterful craftsmanship meets artistic expression, as this gallery unveils a curated collection of breathtaking sculptures, from dynamic bronze creations to intricate stone marvels.

Palette Pioneers
Embark on a sensory feast for the eyes at Onessimo Fine Art. From mesmerizing landscape paintings to evocative abstract compositions, this esteemed establishment curates a captivating collection that showcases the extraordinary talent of artists worldwide, spanning a spectrum of styles from realism to impressionism and beyond.

Past is Prologue
Journey through the ages and savor renowned artists like Cézanne, Monet, Picasso, Degas and Basquiat at Acquavella. The Palm Beach location, which opened in November 2020, was the first physical gallery outside of New York in its 100-year history. This prestigious family-owned gallery meticulously curates a collection that spans historical eras, from the captivating allure of the Italian Renaissance to the enigmatic brushstrokes of Surrealism.

Postwar Panorama
Take in the brilliance of postwar and contemporary art in an interior designed by Gabriel Chipperfield at Lévy Gorvy Gallery, housed in The Royal Poinciana Plaza's Slat House. This Palm Beach seasonal outpost, which opened in 2021, is a complement to the gallery’s spaces in New York, London, Hong Kong and Paris. Enjoy a diverse selection of paintings, works on paper, and sculptures, as well as their “Reveal” initiative, which presents rare masterpieces in single-work focus exhibitions.

Coupled with its maritime charm, the coastal paradise of Palm Beach offers a haven where art and the high seas converge, creating a must-visit destination for those who seek the beauty of both. For slip reservations, visit

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